What Is Tokenism And How To Avoid Tokenism In Workplace

what is tokenism

What Is Tokenism And How To Avoid Tokenism In Workplace

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What is Tokenism in the Workplace?

Tokenism is when someone’s identity at work is used for the sole purpose of making an inclusive impression. Businesses need a diversified talent pool that includes employees of every color and gender, but they only recruit one of these individuals to iron out any flaws. Yet, a systematic problem can only be temporarily solved by hiring one person from a specific demographic.

Even though several studies have consistently demonstrated the advantages of inclusivity, tokenism occurs when an organization’s diversity goals are not deliberate and sincere. When a company acts radically differently to avoid criticism, it might not be.

If done correctly, diversity can create a much better work environment where all the employees’ differences are used wisely to enhance creativity and increase employee engagement and retention.

The Real Harm of Tokenism

Tokenism is risky for the entire organization as well as the individual. The imposter syndrome is the largest danger it poses to the employee. Once a person has continuous internalized dread of being caught as a fraud, they start to doubt their abilities, talents, and skills.

This psychological phenomenon frequently happens when a person feels enclosed or is alone in a crowded place. Larger issues like despair and anxiety could result because they will always be under pressure from others’ continual inspection.

In the bigger picture, it prevents organizational growth, when the tokenized employees are not a part of business strategies, they would feel unmotivated, and as a result, the company will not benefit from their strengths and skills.

How to Avoid Tokenism? 6 Proven Steps

  1. Diversity, just for the “Quota”

    Priority one for any organization should be its diversity objectives. Instead of focusing on the need for diversity when hiring, HR should take a holistic approach and consider the strengths of a possible employee.

    Instead of treating diversity like a checklist where you need to have a certain proportion of employees who identify as minorities, managers must discover ways to foster an inclusive culture across the board.

  2. Minorities to Become Spokespeople

    Please refrain from pressuring minorities to serve as spokespersons for their groups. The opportunity to speak on behalf of their ethnicity, culture, or religion is frequently given to token employees.
    Refrain from referring to the specific individual in any unfavorable terms. To avoid awkward situations, managers must ensure they are comfortable speaking as group spokespersons.

  3. Having Guest Speakers

    To educate the workforce on equality, inclusion, and diversity, the organization should host speakers who are experts in these fields. The company’s managers may search for individuals with experience dealing with marginalized groups.

    Those with experience working with multiple perspectives have a deeper understanding of the subject and can better involve all the different groups. They can also offer suggestions for the future, resulting in better plans.

  4. Consider Hiring Internationally

    The managers must hire from other nations to have a fully global mix of individuals. Instead of what happens when hiring locally, this would force them to choose the person with an open mind.

  5. Give Authority

    Minorities are manifestly underrepresented in positions of leadership in organizations. So, they are sometimes only present in meetings where important decisions are being made. Give the ‘token’ workers a seat at the table. Tokenism can be avoided if they are included in the decision-making process.

  6. Don’t Fake Diversity

    In most cases, it is seen that leaders present an impression of varied teams while they do not. Instead of making up facts about it, the corporation would do better to concentrate on diversity and maintain transparency.

How HRSG Can Help You to Avoid Tokenism?

HRSG has a reputation for trust, and as a reputable human resource service provider in Pakistan, our professionals make every effort to assist our clients in reaching their maximum potential. As a result, there is no need for tokenism or phony inclusivity; we as an organization believe in authenticity, and our services reflect that.

HRSG knows what is tokenism and can assist you in avoiding tokenism because we do not believe in its notion. Our practices are motivated by the conviction that great companies fly because of the combined potential of human talent and well-designed procedures and that is what our core focus is. Thus, you may completely rely on us in this regard and be at ease.