One-window, smart, cloud-based business solution.
Seamlessly automate and organize the daily HR functions of your business.


Cloud Based Solution

Get all the desired information on-the-go. With our cloud-based system, where there is internet connectivity, you have the easy access to manage and post activities.

Highly Customizable

Whether you want a simple attendance or leave management system, or have a full CRM integration, Octofy has all the business solutions you need! With our various solution offerings, you can pick and choose the exact module that fits best for your organization.

Easy Integration

Mobile or Desktop? Not a problem! All of the modules are easily integrated on both platforms giving you ease and accessibility.

Octofy reflects who we are: simple, adaptable, and agile.

HRSG is committed to innovation and extraordinary customer experience, success, and client satisfaction, while maintaining the highest global standards of performance.

Payroll and Taxations

Get pay statements whenever, wherever in just a few taps with the added benefit of tax calculation for easy filing.

Compensation & Benefits

View and manage all company provided benefits.

Antecedents Verification

Employee Antecedent Verification is a valuable tool used to confirm information and details provided by the prospective employee, with Octofy, you can easily verify information.

Attendance & Absence management

With geofencing capabilities, employees can mark their attendance and apply for leaves with ease.

CRM/Help desk

Whether to launch a complaint, or a request, with Octofy, you have a 24/7 support available with a single tap.

Performance Management

Monitor your teams performance, set goals, and assign measurable outcomes.

Travel Management

Plan and set a travel plan for domestic and international business trips.

Expense Management

Claims made easier, with Octofy, have your out-of-pocket amounts reimbursed with a few taps.

Workforce Administration, and so much more!