HR Text Recruiting: How to Keep Your Candidates Engaged.

Text recruiting is a new way to communicate with candidates. It can keep them engaged and informed, but be professional and respectful.
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HR Text Recruiting: How to Keep Your Candidates Engaged.

HR Text Recruiting: How to Keep Your Candidates Engaged. 1200 800 HRSG

As things are advancing rapidly and advancements in all fields are evident, the HR industry has also undergone a revolution in the recruitment process. The Text Recruiting process is an easy and fast way to recruit deserving candidates.

HR Text Recruiting: A Modern Tool

The text recruiting process helps keep the candidates and employers on track. If you encounter unresponsive candidates or dropouts from the hiring process among good candidates when using communication channels like email, phone, LinkedIn messaging, and other social media profiles, consider incorporating text messaging into your omnichannel communications strategy. This approach can be especially beneficial for a certain pool and type of candidate, as texting is becoming an ideal medium for engaging job seekers with brief and immediate information exchanges.

Tips to Get Candidates Engaged:

When starting your recruitment process keep in mind the following tips to make the process smooth and engaging.

Set Texting Mediums:

Texting mediums can be different social media or text platforms that can help engage candidates effectively. Social media is an excellent medium to attract different audiences towards your job openings. Moreover, people tend to check their messaging apps more frequently compared to their email addresses.

Text in a Professional Way:

Regardless of whether you are using social media platforms or emails for the recruitment process, professionalism should not be compromised. The recruitment text should be properly maintained and framed in a way that the candidate does not feel too friendly from the employer. Keep in mind to limit your text to 160 characters. For this, one can use text summarization tools to make it concise and complete.

Set Reminders:

HR professionals should develop a habit of setting reminders through text recruiting, as this can leave an impactful impression on the applicant’s mind. Send follow-up texts to remind and confirm their availability for the interview. It’s advisable to get familiar with the rise of hybrid recruiting to stay ahead of the recruitment trends.

Set Timings:

Choose the right time according to the candidate’s preference so that they may be available to respond for an engaging conversation. Also, texting timely keeps the candidate interested in the job opportunity you are providing and authenticates your personality.

Use Candidate Assessment Tools:

For ease of use, employ candidate assessment tools such as automated application screening, reference checks, background checks, emotional intelligence assessments, and behavioural interviews. Most of the above assessments can be done through texting and having a conversation with the applicant.

Use Multimedia as an Engaging Tool:

Incorporate links to videos or relevant content that showcases your company culture, work environment, and employee testimonials. Multimedia content can make the recruitment process more engaging and informative.


By implementing these strategies, you can enhance candidate engagement in HR text recruiting and create a positive impression of your organization, regardless of the final hiring outcome.