How to promote employee work life balance?

Boost employee productivity and engagement by promoting work-life balance.

How to promote employee work life balance?

How to promote employee work life balance? 1200 800 HRSG

After ages of considering work as your life, people are shifting towards a healthy lifestyle. Work life balance is becoming a common thing now and it is being promoted by the human resource department of companies to ensure a balanced lifestyle.

The workplace policies are created by Human resources executives so it’s up to them to create an environment of promoting work life balance and not just boost about it.

So, here we think what HR’s can do in this regard?

Here are some ways HR can improve the quality of environment among their offices by implementing work life balance policies.


Jump towards the most neglected but the easiest factor which is communication. Human resources executives must take communication as a necessity in the workplace so that they can take actions based on the outcomes.

HR managers can establish a connection with their employees through different mediums be it a physical chat on lunch break, a formal meeting at any hour of a day or now the most amazing technique of online surveys through workplace apps which promotes two way communication and lets the employees express what they want to convey without being judged.

In surveys you can ask specifically about what policies are impacting their ability to balance their home and work lives. Ask what opportunities would make their lives easier and make them happier and less stressed at work.

To create a more trustable and non judgmental environment for some employees who are shy in fully expressing themselves, HR executives can use anonymous digital surveys. But these surveys should be taken seriously and the work life balance issues must be addressed so the trust between the employee and HR can be built.


Now that you know the requirements of your employees, you can implement flexibility options as per company work ethics for the trusted employees.

Most of the employees demand flexibility which is indeed a requirement during the hectic life routines. And the employees will work with more passion if you offer them what they require.

Key to note: Always clear your expectations with the employees when you offer them a flexible or hybrid environment so that no confusions occur in between.

  • Maintain Boundaries:

Implement rules among employees to respect boundaries , no one should be allowed to send non urgent emails or messages after work hours. So that employees can disconnect from work life and can focus on other things easily.

  • Promote Physical Wellness:

Offer facilities like gym memberships, wellness programs, or encourage regular breaks to maintain physical health.

All of the above can be done only when managers lead by example, Managers should model work-life balance and encourage their teams to do the same.

By implementing these strategies, you can create a work environment that values and promotes work-life balance, leading to happier and more productive employees.